Tuesday, July 28, 2009

MagpieMagic Featuring Skunkboy Creatures

Below is Ben's belated birthday Narwhal from the lovely Katie of Skunkboy Creatures. Ben only told me the day before his birthday that he'd really like the Narwal or I'd have ordered it in time. However, it arrived very quickly and is the cutest thing ever. He is very pleased with it. :-)

He's all handmade and handstitched with a lovable smile.

... and his lovely stripey horn.

Narwhals are REAL creatures although they look like they're from some fairy tale. Unicorns of the sea....

And since I was ordering already I treated myself to this cute snail.

How could I (or anyone for that matter) resist this sweet shy little smile?

Katie's Etsy shop is closed this week, but check it out next week.


  1. That narwhal is the cutest thing....shortly followed by the snail of course!

  2. Skunkboy creatures have been a fav of mine for a couple of years now, nice alternative/cute.

  3. The narwhal and snail are really cute.

    There is a very old narwhall tooth displayed in the musee de cluny in Paris where the Lady and the unicorn [la Dame à la licorne] tapestries are kept because its is the inspiration for the unicorn horn


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