Monday, July 27, 2009

Pattern Mania

I love making patterns and it's something I do a lot, whenever I have a minute, really. I use them as they are or to create the highly textured backgrounds in my paintings. Check out the Origami Dress and you might spot some of the patterns. :-)

Some of them are black and white so I can layer them over colour or use them as a texture for painting my backgrounds, others are coloured.

I've decided to make some 'packs' of PDF patterns available to 'crafty' people to use in scrap booking and greeting card making. They'll be available from my Etsy shop as and when I finish a pack.

There will be highly ornamental packages with patterns like the Art Nouveau spiral below:

Patterns inspired by a country or particular theme, like a Japanese pack that will include patterns like the butterflies and flowers below:

A 'Grunge' pack with textured backgrounds like the two below:

A Gothic pack with things like gargoyles and thorny spirals:

The gargoyles below can be turned upside down for a different effect:

Fossils and other interesting textures and patterns from Nature:

Art Deco pack:

An Oriental themed pack with cherry blossoms, peonies, fans and so on.

Fun packs with cute toys and things that little ones like:

In the colour packs the colours will be coordinated. In the black & white packs different opacities of the pattern and sizes will be provided. Some special packs will include colour and black and white. You will be able to chose A4 or Letter size packs and I will also offer custom packs where you can choose packs with various patterns.

Let me know if you're interested and I'll send you an e-mail when the patterns are ready.


  1. Some lovely patterns there - I particularly like the fossil & flower inspired ones.

  2. Excellent idea Cap'n!.....(I may be your first customer for the Japenese packs!!)

    Really lovely stuff there!!

  3. Nice work Sybille, I esp like the fish!


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