Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Moebius Shawl

Here's the Moebius Shawl I made last week. It was a fairly quick knit although the first row was quite difficult.

The pattern is by Cat Bordhi and one of her free patterns.

The shawl is knitted in one piece with a half twist and no seams. It's a bit like knitting an Escher painting. Here's some info on the Moebius strip.

I don't think I would have been able to knit it without this helpful video by Cat Bordhi on YouTube. Once started, it's quite easy... as long as you don't think about how you are knitting this. LOL

Here's a picture showing the shawl in detail (natural light). The shawl is knitted from the centre and just grows from there (don't ask me how, can't get my head around it).

And here's another picture with flashlight showing off the gorgeous colours and texture of the FleeceArtist Merino yarn in the colourway Paris.

The yarn used in the original pattern is a much heavier weight than this so I doubled up the number of stitches and rows which worked really well. I also changed the border of the shawl to a picot edge.


  1. Argh, I still don't understand how this was done!! It's very, very pretty though, lovely yarn and fascinating pattern.

  2. I was wondering how this was going to work out -looks brilliant =}


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