Friday, August 17, 2007

Sun Blossom

After the success of Moon Blossom (previous) post, I thought a "Sun Blossom" would make the perfect present for my little sister. She's just developed a love of yellow, so it just made sense. :-)

Here's the result. Yellow is not one of my favourite colours for jewellery as it's difficult to wear for most people, so I didn't have very many yellow beads. A while back I bought the beautiful golden shell pendant and never quite knew what to do with it. I think I bought it just because it was so pretty. LOL Like with Moon Blossom I then added a feature bead (a golden, slightly crackly topaz) and three strings of chain to act as sun beams. The sun beams have 12 different beads on them for the 12 months, plus 12 Magatama beads. I've grouped the beads in threes: 3 vintage beads (all different), 3 Swarovski beads (light topaz, jonquil and lime) and 3 each of small citrine beads and little yellow daisies with clear round beads set in the centre. All is strung on bronze chain/findings to complement the gold/yellow.

Here is the pendant in detail (photo taken inside lying down).

And here's the pendant outside hanging from a lilac bush.

Here's the dangle that will hang down the nape of the neck. I've used citrine beads again, a beautiful stripy heart bead and a metal heart connector, plus some Magatamas.

This picture was taken outside on the said lilac bush so you could see how the beads will hang when the necklace is worn.


  1. Lucky little sister!
    I like the last pic where you can see the stripes in the heart.

  2. You know I don't like yellow either, but I don't think this counts, it looks more golden! It works beautifully and I'm sure your sister will love it.

  3. Hi Sybille,
    Toby and I have tagged you, 8 random things, see our blog!

  4. you've been so quiet Sybille-are you still there???


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