Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Lariat or Spectacle Chain

Spectacle chains are great for Summer and Winter as they make sure you keep hold of your (sun) glasses whilst looking pretty at the same time.

However, lots of people have been asking for the spectacle chain designs as necklaces. Now I am giving you the choice. The designs below (except for two of them) are unfinished and can be either - a spectacle chain or a lariat.

They are now available in my Etsy shop (link on the right) today or tomorrow but you've seen them here first. To look at a finished spectacle chain check out the previous post.

All of the designs are made with a silky cord and an array of different beads.

Art Deco

A stylish Art Deco style design with beads in black, white, black and white, and silver, from frosted to glossy, from shiny to matte.

Redder than Red

A gorgeous, yummy design - berries red from the deep, dark red of a cranberry to a bright strawberry red, from metallic shiny to soft and translucent.

Pink Butterfly

A girlie pink design with beads in pale soft pinks to a bright pink, glittery Czech beads, soft shimmery shell butterflies and everything in between.

Purple Haze

A myriad of textures and different shades of purple make a stylish sophisticated design.

Sea Blue

Soft pale blues mixed with teals and turquoises make this a soft sea-themed design.

Annis' Spectacle Chain
This one is not for sale, it's for my friend Alison's daughter Annis. Hope she approves. :-) She does and it will go into the post to France today.

Treacle and Toffee Lariat
This lariat is finished and uses lots of different beads - from Japanese Miyuki cube beads to wood, to horn, to glass pearls, to shell butterflies, to an amber coloured glass heart, to Czech softly lustred to Indian feature beads.


  1. These are all so lovely, but my favourite is the last one - simply gorgeous. I would so like to rummage through your bead collection, you have some wonderful little treasures!

  2. these are really lovely Sybille.
    very pretty. I think I like the toffee one best too.

  3. Annis says- thanks for making me the spectacle chain. Its lovely and I will be sure to use it =)

  4. Hi Sybille,

    I like the pink butterfly and sea blue ones best, Mum likes the toffee + treacle one, it has a similar bead on it as the scarf pin you made her.



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