Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Moon Blossom

A while back I bought this beautiful shimmery shell pendant. Whilst rummaging through my bead chest I looked at it again at the weekend (some beads have to mature in the bead chest before they are ready to be used in a design...) ;-) The time was right to do something special with it, so here it is:

Moon Blossom

The idea behind the necklace was that I wanted to do something moon-ish, but rather than take it too literally, I decided to take a 'Haiku' approach. I wanted it to look and feel like I felt about the moon, if that makes any sense at all? Well here it is anyway.

The centre piece is the shell pendant. I've then used a beautiful opaline glass drop and added moonbeams with chain. The opaline glass drop represents the effect the moon has on the sea, the moonbeams have three drops at the end representing the three phases of the moon and 12 round-ish beads to represent the 12 moons in a year. I've used dark chain, because I liked the contrast but also to represent the night.

The end of the chain has a little 'dangle' with 12 drops plus one large drop at the end.

I am very pleased with the necklace and I am not sure I can part with it yet. If I can part with it... it will be in my Etsy shop.


  1. Spectacular! The bracelets are lovely too, but this necklace is very special.

  2. I love opals and opalescent glass, very pretty necklace Sybille.

  3. this is stunning! As are the other pieces in Etsy, hope you get a sale soon xx


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