Wednesday, March 07, 2007

More Crochet Magic

I've had so much fun over the last week with wire crochet. It's so versatile and there are myriads of ways of playing with it and creating something special. I can't wait to make more. However, my jewellery party is on Friday, so I thought I'd better show my guests what I've made.

The first is a set called Black Orchid:

The necklace is made of 5 separate strings of chain stitch crochet with beads in shades of black, grey and purple. I've used seed beads, lots of Japanese beads including Toho and teeny little cubes and Swarovski (Heliotrope, Jet Black, Light Amethyst, Jet Black AB, and Black Diamond). The strings are different lengths and come together at the neck with two purple Indian beads. The necklace is sparkly in a very subtle way and very filigree. The wire is a dark, purple blue.

Here are the matching earrings, made with gunmetal findings and three loops with the same beads as the necklace, however I've only used three of the Swarovski bicones (Heliotrope, Light Amethyst, and Jet Black).

And here's my latest invention. I've not seen this technique anywhere else and I am rather proud of it (can you tell?). I've used memory wire (4 coils), then used wire crochet to attach the beads to it. The bracelet below shows the technique. It looks amazing, really different and, like all the wire crochet jewellery, very organic.

Here's a similar bracelet in pinks and red. This bracelet has two rows of wire crochet with beads rather than the single one I've used in the Black Orchid bracelet.

Here it is close up.

And here is another version in greens with vintage green seed beads, leaf green AB Magatama drops, and peridot glass chips.It has one row of beaded crochet and one of plain crochet.

My latest bracelet, made only today. Another new technique, although this one is from a book. I didn't actually follow the instructions, but worked them out for myself (I am the same with recipes). I've used deep pink wire and crochet without beads. I left "holes" to feed the pale pink organza ribbon through. The ribbon and crochet are held together by ribbon clamps at the ends with a simple clasp to fasten the bracelet.

Below you can see the little dark pink roses I added as a final touch. This is so feminine and lovely. Very romantic.
Another one of my creations, this one is made with a pre-knitted wire "tube". I've rolled up the edges (top and bottom) and then used crochet and beads to keep them in place. I've used gorgeous teal blue seed beads, lovely turquoise pony beads and shimmery pale blue Magatama drops.

Here's the bracelet with more detail. I love the shimmery, delicate copper against the turquoise blues.

A purple extravaganza, again, made with purple pre-knitted wire and lots of beads in purple, lilac, pale lavender, and tiny crystal bicones and of course lots of crochet to hold it all together.

Yesterday's creation, pre-knitted gunmetal coloured wire. The edges of the tube were first covered in beads then turned around towards the centre and held together with more crochet.

I've used gorgeous beads in copper and chocolate colours which work perfectly with the gunmetal wire. I love the harmony between the two colours and textures.

More to come. You can't stop me! ;-)


  1. WOW !!
    You sure have gone off on a crochet tangent! and they are beautiful, I hope the people at the jewellery party like them too.
    My favourite is the copper and turquoise bracelet.
    We have some of that pre made wire band, I bought it online from scientific wire company,(perhaps you told me about them, I cant remember) bought about a year ago, and it is still just sitting in the cupboard....
    I really like the chocolate bracelet as well.
    Thinking about what I have said, its the pieces which show alot of the wire mesh by itself, in contrast to the beaded part, that's what I like.
    Good idea of using the wire with ribbon as well, not my colour, but I am sure it will sell well, it is really very pretty.
    We know someone who twists wire, making lovely jewellery, I will put a link to her work on our blog next time I update it, in a couple of days probably, I think you will like her work, she, like you, has a wonderful sense of colour and finds some pretty beads which she co- ordinates really well.
    Keep up the good work Sybille, I cant wait to see more of your creations!

  2. hi Sybille
    The memory wire thing is a really good idea, i have loads and no idde of what to do with it!
    ( if only i could crochet ( sigh))

  3. This is a wonderful technique, what amazing results! I love the green bracelet, it is just like wet seaweed.


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