Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Bombshell Earrings

To match my beautiful bombshell bracelets and necklaces I made some earrings. Not necessarily matching ones, but one-offs that will go with anything because they're so pretty (even if I say so myself).

The first pair are made with new copper findings, vintage faceted beads in different shades of blue and the most gorgeous copper dangles. The effect is quite stunning and so different from everything else in the shops.

The next set is made with new silver plated findings, vintage pale blue faceted beads in two shades and lovely filigree silver colour charms. These earrings are so lovely and fragile.

Probably my favourite or at least one of my favourite "gems" - opalite - here mixed with new silver plated findings and a lovely kite shaped charm. The opalite beads are Victorian and have the most beautiful "fire".

Gorgeous red earrings made with new silver plated findings, vintage Art Nouveau chandeliers, shimmery deep red faceted vintage beads and a few dark red, topaz lined Magatama drops. Gorgeous.
The final earrings are made with a new semi-precious gem I've only just discovered: Burma Jaspter in a lovely soft shade of honey with new bronze findings, vintage gold coloured connectors and vintage red gold coloured roses. These are stunning. :-)

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