Thursday, March 01, 2007

My beautiful bracelets - ATTRILL JEWELLERY SPECIAL

I received the two most gorgeous bracelets in the post today - complete with a picture and description of all the beads used and where they came from each. All was packaged well and in a lovely box.

I am thrilled to bits. Just look at them:

This one was made by Toby in the most wonderful greens with silver and all sorts of beautiful shells and buttons and faceted beads. It's very long so I can either wear it as a bracelet or a necklace.
And here's the one Penny and Toby made together:

It's so beautiful in all the raspberry reds and pale pinks and mauves with buttons, glass and sparkly fimo beads, not to forget the pretty copper beads.

I can't decide which one is more gorgeous (and Penny said I don't have to). ;-)

If you want your very own bracelet (necklace, brooch or earrings... etc) check out the ATTRILL Blog.

I am so glad I knitted Penny a scarf and she was happy to swap it for the bracelets. I think I definitely got the better deal! :-)

Here's the scarf I knitted for her:

I thought it looked like a raven's wings. I've used three types of wool - soft eyelash yarn with bits of ribbon threaded into it, velvety ribbon yarn, and long eyelash yarn, all in black - and I used a bit of black lurex thread to add a little sparkle. The scarf is soft and luscious and very long (about twice the length of my other scarves at 84 inches). Penny tells me she's barely taken it off since it arrived yesterday... :-)

And here's the scarf pin I made to go with it.

For some reason I thought they were just perfect for Penny - I've used a large wooden bead (the one with the big black spots), seed pod beads (the ones with the little spots), black Indian beads, some dark brown carved wooden beads, and quite a few gorgeous Japanese bugles and seed beads. Steve fixed the bead arrangement (made with wire) into place with a bit of solder.

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  1. Hi Sybille, glad you like the bracelets! My scarf is just so gorgeous, and the pin too, many thanks.

    Toby spotted the solder straight away on the brooch! We have never made this style of pin, although we have bought some pins ready to try one day, I was thinking of using a crimp, but maybe thats not strong enough?

    Its funny how much attention you pay to detail when you are interested in somthing isnt it. Toby always looks at how somthing is made. I always look at the back of a greeting card straight away to see who published it!

    I am going out to dinner with a couple of women friends tomorrow night, and have planned out a black outfit, so I can wear my scarf. At this rate i will feel naked when it has to go in the wash!

    Thanks again Sybille.


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