Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Scent of Roses

© Sybille Sterk
Do not copy or publish this in any way, shape or form without my written permission.

Image created for the Facebook Group/Project 1/52. This is week 34.

I combined 3 images of a reflection of a rose in a water butt and played heavily with the colours/curves, added textures (bokeh, ripples and scractches) and the barbed wire.

The idea behind this image is that some memories, no matter how beautiful are just too painful to remember, but sometimes something like the scent of roses will make you remember anyway.

I wanted the area behind the barbed wire blurred  and vague but with bright distinct colours to show the dreamlike quality of memories and the way they are distorted by how we felt at the time or feel now.

Edited in Photoshop, all my own images.

All my images are available on Redbubble, Artflakes, Society6 and Bluecanvas as prints, cards, posters, skins for laptops, Blackberry, iPhones and other phones (for the skins go to Bluecanvas).

1 comment:

  1. I like the thinking that has gone into this image - I think you have captured it very well.


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