Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jewellery Party - Teasers - Part 3

Here are a few of the delicious items that will be for sale at the party tomorrow. I hope it gives you a good idea of what kind of jewellery I make - everything from vintage to modern, wire art to traditional, fibre, leather, sterling silver, copper, brass and lots of glass and semi precious beads.


Isabella Earrings

Emmeline Earrings

Shell Circle Earrings


Summer in Nice Necklace

Snow Queen Necklace

 Vintage Amber Dragonfly

Copper Spring Necklace

Dandelion Necklace


Twilight Fibre Bracelet

Rose Red and Snow White Bracelet

Black Pearl Cuff Bracelet

Fire Flower Bracelet - copper


  1. Good luck for tonight - I hope all these lovely pieces find good homes!

  2. You talented girl - these are really original, makes me wish I wore earrings! I'm sure you'll sell loads tonight.


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