Monday, November 30, 2009

Jewellery Party - Final Post

The jewellery party went really well and lots of items went to new good homes....

...I've just finished the modifications for some of them and one commission.

Items no longer available are:

The wonderful Klimtesque necklace

I have just shortened it and added a different dangle so it will go with some other jewellery sold to the same lovely customer a while back:

And here's a detail of the intricate wire work:

The Constellation necklace is gone too....

and here are some matching Starlight earrings I just finished:

... here's a detail shot of the earrings - I've used a handmade soldered rose copper hammered ring and attached some teeny labradorite rondelle beads to it with antiqued copper wire. The earrings are really small and perfect for a little everyday glam with the gorgeous blue fire in the labradorite rondelles.

I've also modified my Willow Mk2 earrings to make them a teeny bit shorter:

I sold the lovely copper Leafy Blue bangle...

Both of the Dragon's Heart necklaces - the short one and the long one:

Crochet Wire Squares set:

I sold loads more, including the lovely red hat.

A big thank you to all my lovely customers and friends who came to the party and bought presents and treats for themselves and the biggest thank you to Caroline who helped me out with lighting and lots of support in every way.

There is still time to order your Christmas presents... or a treat for yourself if you've already done your Christmas shopping.


  1. That's good to hear Sybille, pleased to know that your jewellery party went well. Bfn. Lesley

  2. Sybille, your work is so beautiful!! I'm glad it went well!! xo Cait

  3. Glad you sold loads - now you have lots of room to make some more! I love to see your new jewellery creations.


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