Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I am with the Postmen!

I read this article yesterday and I have to say it makes a lot more sense to me than the current coverage in the press.

I've long been wondering how the mail volume can be down when everyone is ordering stuff on the net. People might not write as many letters but they certainly shop on the internet and receive parcels and jiffy bags from every corner of the world.

It makes me think why the press isn't really looking into this? Surely I can't be the only one wondering why postmen are sacked and replaced by part timers and casual workers when the post office is always heaving with people whenever I go in. Well, that of course might be because there aren't that many post offices left because they closed most of them.

This brings me to the ultimate question, if the mail isn't really down in volume, and lots of people are using the post offices to send their parcels and jiffy bags, then why would we need less post offices and fewer postmen?

Maybe I am not looking at this the right way and it's all about business. On the other hand, if it's about business, then surely nowadays customer care is paramount and the Royal Mail would be making sure that our post arrives on time and we always have a post office near us so we can post all our mail.

Interesting, isn't it? Makes me wonder what is really going on. Makes me wonder who has an interest in running the Royal Mail into the ground and who would profit from that.

Well, I like my mail being delivered by a postman. At least he knocks and waits for me to get to the door. At least he makes sure I get the right mail and I get it in perfect order. Every day.

I am with the postmen. I think they don't just deliver the mail and they're important. I am not going to complain if my mail doesn't arrive on time, because I think the postmen are doing the right thing fighting for what they've been promised.


  1. That article certainly was an eye-opener and shocked me quite a bit. I hope the posties get what they want - I agree, how can volume be down with all the internet shopping going on, it must have doubled.

  2. Very interesting reading. There are no easy answers either. Certainly Mandelson and Crozier - the latter earns almost £1,000,000 a year! - are not helping. The parties involved should go to arbitration and calls for ACAS to be involved need to be heeded.

  3. unelievable . . . actually, sadly, very believable. Thanks for posting this.


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