Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Organza Bonanza

Had fun yesterday making organza flowers to wear in your hair.

The blue ones are the largest at about 6cm (2.5") with larger hair grips (professional hair grips from the a beauticians' wholesaler) whereas the other 3 pairs are only 4cm (1.5") in diameter.

The small ones in pink and teal are perfect for small strands of hair, short hair and very fine hair, whereas the grips used for the blue and red/black flowers will hold larger strands of hair securely.

I have many more colours of organza and will make more, but here's what I've got so far:

The blue flower has 7 layers of organza in cobalt blue, pale blue and lavender. The beads are tear drop shaped and also cobalt.

The pink flowers are made from 5 layers of red and pink organza. The beads are lovely lustred raspberry red Miyuki drop beads.

These Gothic flowers are made from 5 layers of red and black organza. The beads are lovely red and black lined Miyuki drop beads.

The teal flowers are actually made from deep forest green turquoise organza. The Miyuki drop beads in the centre are also a soft teal.

The teal and red/black flowers are mine. :-) The others are for sale.

Crystal organza is an interesting material to work with - the organza is quite 'stiff', making it perfect for shaping. The light reflecting properties of the organza are almost like stained glass. Layering different colours creates a composite colour. Unfortunately this also makes it difficult to take pictures, especially on a grey day like today where the daylight alone is just not strong enough.

The edges of the organza petals are all singed with the help of a candle (and a small jar of water next to it!) and ensure that the organza won't fray.


  1. These are really lovely- i particularly like the blues and gothic ones.

    i really like your blog banner - every time i see it now I think how much I like it. =}

  2. I think these would be lovely for bridesmaids!


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