Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Finally - The Raspberry Sorbet Jelly Clutch Bag

It took forever and a day since the original post of the jelly yarn bag, but - after waiting for the second ball of yarn (due to customs and slow shipping), unraveling and re-knitting and waiting for some beads to match the gorgeous colour of the yarn, here it finally is:

The Raspberry Sorbet Jelly Clutch Bag

This new design is still similar to the original design but I've changed the front and side panels, which gives it more rigidity and pizazz. The little plastic berry beads are vintage and they've been sewn onto the bag with illusion cord to make sure they stay where they are and the thread isn't visible. It also allows the bag to be gently washed in soapy water.

Since there was some yarn left I thought I'd add a little purse, either for money or makeup or an MP3 player.

The perfect bag to take out on a night in town. Nobody will have one quite like it - total glamour. :-)

If you want to make something with jelly yarn, here are a few tips:

  • Use the wipe that comes with the yarn regularly, it makes it a lot easier to knit/crochet the yarn if it's not sticking to the needles/crochet hook.

  • If you make something with a regular shape (rectangle, square, triangle etc), pin the item onto some cardboard and gently blow dry it with the hair dryer set to its hottest setting. This will have the same effect as blocking with knitted/crocheted garments and straighten out any irregularities and give you nice straight edges to sew together. Leave to cool before sewing together.

  • Knitting/crocheting jelly yarn is tough on your hands, so make sure you take breaks now and again or your hands and fingers will be really sore.

And here are a couple of links:

To order or buy it in the UK, I Knit London.

To order it at the manufacturers in the US: JellyYarns.Com This page also includes some free patterns and info.


My raspberry seacell and merino shrug is also nearing its completion. :-)


  1. Hooray!! You did it - well done! I don't think until you have attempted to knit with jelly yarn you can appreciate the amount of work that bag took! Looks great, I love the way it has turned out.

  2. blimey you have been busy Sybille-cute bags and cute earrings!

  3. Wow, this is very wacky! I like it, the button reminds me of frogspawn. I'd like a sponge bag made with this jelly yarn, but guess it would still need a waterproof lining as it's knitted and therefore has holes.
    Lovely work Sybille!


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