Monday, January 21, 2008

Trips, Number 1: Southwold - Summer

This is a new mini series - all about the trips I went on last year. The first one to be recounted here was to Southwold at the end of August.

I had my trusty camera with me and, of course, took a lot of pictures whilst collecting sea glass.
Here are (what I think) my best pictures.

The first one is of the lighthouse. I am pleased with the picture because it shows how high the thing really is!

Somebody had some fun taming a figurehead and wrestling it to a wall:

Couldn't resist sneaking this picture in. A lifesaver ring is just all about the sea/seaside, nothing says it better! :-)

The sea was quite wild at times that day as it was windy. I spent ages getting this picture whilst sandcastles were built and being torn down again:

And I spent even longer getting this one just how I wanted it.

This is quite tame compared to the other two, but I liked it because it looked like some giant creature's tail (a dragon?) dipping it's tail in the sea.

And here's one of a series of pictures I took of the sea and the boat. I messed around with it in Photoshop to give it this painterly feel.

The next instalment will be Autumn pictures of Wandlebury.....


  1. Hi, We would like to include your blog post and pics on our would this be ok?Your post is very relevant to our region, and we would put a credit and link back to your blog. Kind regards Nigel Bedingfield

  2. I've never been to Southwold, but would like to now, it's on my 'to do/go' list. Thanks.


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