Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A New Year, New Ideas, New Designs - Part 1 Vintage Necklaces

I've recently done quite a lot of shopping on Etsy, in fact I've done most of my Christmas shopping there. I love the fact that it's the artist that gets paid rather than some shop owner and the fact that there is so much variety of everything.

The necklaces below will all be available in my shop on Etsy.

Butterfly on a Rock

The first necklace includes a vintage butterfly charm sitting on a pale green piece of sea glass that has been wrapped in vintage brass filigree. Vintage beads and cabochons are attached to the sea glass with vintage chain. At the top of the 'pendant' is a little connector and two more vintage beads and two Erinite Swarovski beads with more vintage chain.

Amber Dragonfly

More vintage chain, a vintage dragonfly with wonderful detail, sitting on a vintage amber coloured glass cabochon encased in vintage filigree. Three lovely vintage glass cabochons in varying shades of amber are attached to the dragonfly like a 'tail' with vintage chain - the same chain that has been used for the necklace. The necklace chain is quite short as the dragonfly and it's tail give it length.

Peacock Dragonfly

Sorry guys, I just love dragonflies. This one sits on a piece of bottle green sea glass that again (yes, you guessed right) has been encased with vintage filigree. There's a tail with three vintage beads in shades of jade, peacock blue and pale green with another tiny vintage dragonfly flying after the big one. Vintage chain for the necklace, again quite short.

Emerald Dragonfly (necklace and earring set)

More dragonflies. :-)

Necklace: I've encased a beautiful large vintage emerald glass cabochon in yet more wire filigree, hung a vintage bead with a lily bead cap from it and attached a medium sized dragonfly to that. At the top of the pendant there are two filigree beads followed by three faceted Czech glass beads, the golden ones are vintage. The chain (vintage) is again quite short.

Earrings: I've used beautiful vintage ear wires that actually close at the back and have little sparkly glass gems set in a bezel at the front. I've used the same beads as in the necklace and added two tiny dragonflies to fly from the bottom.

Green Jewel

This is a very simple necklace, slightly longer than the others with vintage chain and a bit of sea glass held with a vintage filigree of a very pretty Victorian design. The chain is vintage, the toggle clasp new, but no less pretty for that.


  1. Lovely to have you back Sybille! Some fabulous work here - my favourite is the blackberry bracelet and the simple sea-glass pendant - looks like an old piece of treasure! Hope 2008 is better for you.
    Caroline x

  2. That etsy bead shop looks right up your street - all the things there fit in really well with your style of jewellery.
    You have made SO much, lovely to see all your creations again Sybille.

  3. love this one Syb!!!

    Good to have you back chuck!!


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