Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Svaha - Photo Manipulation

This is the illustration to my poem. Both were inspired by a Charles de Lint novel of the same name. In the novel 'Svaha' = (SVA-ha) means the time between when you see the lightning and when you hear the thunder - (Native American, tribe unknown).

Although a little research showed that this may be a myth and that the name is actually of Indian origin and is used as a mantra or the name of a goddess or both...

However, to accomodate both ideas (although I prefer the first one) I added both to the poem and image.

The novel is pretty good, and I just love the idea of that moment when you see the lighting and wait for the roar of the thunder. A pretty special moment as far as I am concerned.... :-)

Backgrounds and Textures
All other images/textures my own.


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  1. I think this is one of your loveliest poems, I love the simplicity of it yet it conveys so much.


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