Thursday, February 21, 2008


I've been busy redecorating the house. Not that I am anywhere near finished, but this was the first step. I bought myself the most gorgeous black mirror and the perfect place was over the cast-iron fireplace in the bedroom. However, that meant I had to paint over the original design that I had created specially for the fireplace wall.

Here it is:

I first created the new design on the computer so I'd get a feel for what went where. I find it easier to do such things on the computer as you can move them around a lot easier until everything is just where it ought to be. :-)

Here's the new design in chalk on the wall, this time drawn freehand:

And here's the new design all handpainted with a mix of the original raspberry red wall paint and black acrylic paint (a blackberry colour rather than the black it appears to be):

Sorry for the quality of the photos - red is notoriously difficult to photograph and the light in the room is awful for taking pictures, especially with a flash as the paint is reflective....


  1. looks lovely Sybille-can we see an overall view of the mural in the room?

  2. Cool Cap'n!! I prefer it to the older version you had! (gotta say the fireplace is cracking as well...YOU LUCKY THING YOU!!)

  3. That's rather lovely! Well done you!

  4. Fabulous Sybille. It's amazing to think you made your own stencils too, you are SO CLEVER! Helz x

  5. That's lovely, Sybille. It complements that gorgeous fireplace perfectly!


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