Thursday, July 13, 2006

Newsflash - brand new items

I've been a busy bee today and managed to not just make two bracelets and one necklace whilst waiting for my son's (birthday) bike to be delivered, but I also took lots of photos of the jewellery I've made in the last few weeks.

All the new jewellery can be seen on my website, but here are a few tasters:

Daisy Chain:

Aztec Gold:
Frosty Morning:
Edwardian Green and Purple:

Fire Flower Brooch:


  1. Very lovely stuff you have posted here =)

  2. Hi, I have finally got here!!! dont know why I couldnt before, anyway, no matter, here now and its great to see your blog updated, do carry on!

    Glad to hear your business is going well, jewellery parties sound good, have some more nearer to xmas and I am sure you will sell well then.

    I think you have a wonderful sense of colour Sybille, it shows in your jewellery creations.

    Thanks for adding a link to our blog! Still havent sorted out how to add links yet, when (if I can) I do, I'll add this.

    Happy making!!


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