Thursday, July 20, 2006

Latest Set - Bamboo

This is one of my latest sets called Bamboo and one of the few that won't be for sale. This one's MINE! :-)

I really had fun putting it together, although it was quite fiddly with the little connectors to line it all up and make it hang perfectly. The little square beads are a lovely greeny-blue and the green Myuki squares just a match made in heaven. I hung the whole design from lime green tigertail and the jade green daggers just give it that little extra. I love those and keep buying them from one of my favourite sellers on eBay 4Gorgeous Gear.

The bracelet below is made with more connectors, same beads but no daggers with a very pretty box clasp.I wanted the earrings to be simple since the colour is lovely all by itself. They look very pretty, twinkling and sparkling in soft greens.


  1. Wonderful colours as always, I love green.
    I looked on your fav seller on ebay, first thing I saw was a hangover cure kit!!

  2. Agree with our Penny! Don't tell anyone but I love green as well.....AARRGGHHHH THE GOTH POLICE ARE AFTER ME!!!!


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