Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Sunday by the Seaside

I am so glad we went to the seaside on sunday. Got a lot of fresh air, and although it was quite bracing it was wonderful as we got a little sun and no rain until the drive home again.
Shingle Street. Probably one of my favourite beaches. I love the sound the waves make on the shingles and it's usually quite empty.
 Treasure. All the shells have perfect holes for hanging. The cats are very interested.
 The other side with the Beacons.
A soldier by the seaside - although this never happened. Apparently the Germans had planned an invasion here... but for some reason they didn't in the end. Just as well.
 Orford. One of my favourite places. Again, it's quiet but with a lovely cafe and a place to buy nice fish. :-)
The harbour.
Some photos shot with my camera and a Lensbaby lens. And below (just because) an American Horror Story version of the pictures. LOL
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