Friday, May 25, 2012

Ripples and Wave


This image was inspired by my poem Ripples and by one of my favourite images ever, Hokusai's Wave.
This is about the way childhood affects us and how at the oddest moments, when we least expect it, certain aspects of our childhood hit us and make us vulnerable. The way we are brought up, the way we’re raised and what happens to us in childhood are influential on who we are as adults and, personally I think, that this is never more true than for women, especially emotionally, stereotypes we have grown up with will affect us in adulthood even when we have rejected them.

All images/textures/brushes my own or bought. Edited with Photoshop.

Words my own from my poem Ripples


  1. You are on fire this week - I can't keep up! I think this might be my favourite of the last few images you have done, but it's a hard choice!

  2. So funny...right now I'm totally in love with the beach idea and feeling the need to drive the 7-8 hours to get there! Thanks for bringing it to me!!


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