Thursday, April 12, 2007

Red Flower Flapper

My mum recently sent me some old necklaces and odd beads. She wanted me to make her one of those trendy flappers with the red beads she'd sent me. They are a few years old and bigger than the beads I normally work with but have a beautiful dark red mottled look to them.

Below is the flapper I made.
I used quite a few of the red beads, a few are left, maybe to make a bracelet. I've added bronze bead caps, deep red and very dark red glass beads and some seed beads and re-used most of the little gold plated beads that had been on the original necklace.

The centre piece is a dark red flower glass bead with more beads hanging from chain tassels. I am quite pleased with the result, although the necklace is more 'brash' than my normal style.

Hope my mum likes it. :-)


  1. absolutely gorgoeus- love the colours, that deep red is so sexy!
    Oh er- sexy mummy!!

  2. Thanks for the kind comments on my blog - have linked to yours, although I feel you could give me a few lessons; your stuff is sooo classy!

  3. Really nice Captain Syb! Reminds me of cranberries....which are really nice when mixed with vodka.....just hold the cranberries though!!


  4. Happy looking piece! Quite cheery, very beautiful too!


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